Monday, February 20, 2012

Knit, knit,

My Tree Bark Sweater is finished. I may add elastic to the bottom ribbing, since I started it before I lost weight.

I finished my Sprouts socks and just have to add changes and photos to the pattern. The basic pattern is written without charts. I couldn't figure a good way to chart the main pattern which has slipped stitches in two colors. I finally gave up when I did the cuff, which would have had a bunch of "no stitch"es. They always seem to confuse people. I'll put close ups of the stitch pattern next to the words, for reference.

The neat thing about this pattern was that I figured out how to do the slip stitches on the top of the foot and by not knitting the contrast color on the sole, I avoided elf toes. On the foot, I knit the contrast back and forth (it's only two rows) and the main color around. 

I've been knitting dishcloths as gifts. The first set will go to my daughter for her birthday. The second set will go to my grand daughter for her birthday. I have fun with stitch patterns, making each cloth different.

I won't say that the kitchen is coming together, because, while there are dishes in the cupboard, the island in the center of the kitchen has been emptied and I can't find canned goods when I want them.

I spent time yesterday looking for a can of beans that I was sure I had bought. I finally decided that I'd already used that can and this recipe was on hold until I went to the store again. That happened today and the pork chop and white bean dinner was delicious.