Tuesday, August 14, 2012


This week is full of possibilities. Tomatoes are almost ripe on 3 plants (different varieties). The possibilities of ripe tomatoes are endless, from salads to soups to main dishes.

This basil had the potential for being made into pesto. I made two batches so far. The ice cube trays were frozen and the cubes popped out and bagged.

This batch has cheese.

The sweater is almost finished. I'm actually above the armholes now and running short of yarn. Not to worry, I can knit up the swatch and raid an old project for more of the solid yellow yarn if needed.

I missed tonight's guild meeting. My cousin popped into town, bringing my sister and her daughter with her. It's along story and a spur of the moment decision. Haven't seen cousin H from Michigan since 2005 for my other sister's 60th birthday. I'm Facebook friends with her daughter.

Back to knitting the sweater. I have to knit fast before I run out of yarn.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

It won't be a surprise....

to those who know me, but I've met another crazy goal this year. One of my Ravelry challenges was to make a list of 12 things I'd do 12 of this year. I've now finished 12 birthday gifts, some of them sewn, but many of them hand knit socks. Today I'm mailing off 2 quilts and a pair of socks. The quilts are made of flannel on top of fleece.

Now that the socks are finished I can tackle my Olympics/Ravelry challenge. I entered the WIP Wrestling event. I qualify for Cable Steeplechase and Synchronized Stashbusting. I started the sweater in early May, finished a sleeve, and put it aside for other projects. The pattern was written a couple of years ago for TKGA, but I didn't get to keep the sweater. The yarn is cone yarn from ages ago. I'm hoping to get the back finished by the end of closing ceremonies. It looks good. I'm past the armhole now. I'll just keep knitting this project through Sunday night and then move on.

Today was spent running errands, paying bills, weeding and mowing the lawn. Ran out of time for swimming. Now the Olympics are on tv, and I'm back to knitting.