Sunday, June 29, 2008

WWKIP, Socks and other stuff

World Wide Knit in Public Day was also my daughter's wedding day. Yes I knit, when not busy celebrating. Pictures were taken of me knitting at the baseball game. The same purple blob was on the needles the whole trip, although I brought plenty of alternatives. Finally it was ready to wear on the airplane home. It was too big, but should shrink up when washed.

It seems better now, but I'm still not
completely happy with the sleeves.

Next project was the May Mystery Socks from Ravelry's Sock Knitters Anonymous Group. Small bits of stash yarn were suggested for the stranded bits. would have done better if I had more solids, or if I had know how much yarn I needed of each color. The charts also failed at the tip of the toe, because they contained too many decreases. I'm not sure I made the two feet identical, but they're close. The designer also gave a shorter version, which is also tempting. The leg portion of these is 10" long. I also should have changed back to smaller needles once the stranded portion was finished, but didn't have the smaller needles handy.

I can finally show some of the flowers in my yard. We have too many of these day lilies! We have a few less common varieties too.

Business is slow right now. I made a new skirt last week (no picture) and a cotton blouse/jacket. The fabric is too heavy for a blouse and should have more ease for a jacket, but I plan to wear it open. It's unlined and will coordinate with a skirt and couple of blouses. The pattern is the same one I used for my brown blouse earlier in the month. Again, I'm not happy with the sleeves. I may stick to short sleeves with this pattern. This version is center bottom.

M is for.....
Mess - I mentioned this last week, the deconstruction of a whole floor of our house for purposes of insulatiing the living area from the roof. Left to right you see a claw foot tub containing insulation, the back of the toilet, the back of the sink vanity and medicine cabinet. The gray stuff on the ceiling is inside vents for air circulation.

Mother's Day Quilt - sewn by DD the quilter. In 2006, she made quilts for all the mothers in the family. Yes, we have 6 children. She's #2, the whitish flower. For her younger sister with small children, (the yellow flower) she made the pieces button together for possible family expansion. Good thing, since WB is almost 1 yr. old now.

Mittens and mitts - you knew there had to be some knitting in here. The purple mitts are often worn inside the purple mittens. Those mittens are trimmed with Bernat Boa and are a set with a scarf and hat. The big blue mittens with gauntlets are from Anna Zilboorg's Magnificent Mittens book. They are lined with alpaca and trimmed with pearls. The pearls have not held up well. The finish has come off. The last pair is double knit fair isle. I forget the name of the mitten book.

Wedding in San Francisco

This is old news, but I'm still catching up. This was the destination at the end of our train ride. Amtrak took us by bus, over the Bay Bridge to here where we met the happy couple. After stopping at our motel to drop off bags, etc. we went out to dinner. DD, the bride took us to a place she had wanted to try called Tommy's Joynt.

When the rest of the family got to town, we assembled on Fisherman's Wharf. There were little grandkids involved and this was fun for them.

Of course all faces are not to be seen at one time.

The Wedding took place on a boat. They were married by the captain.

The boat then sailed around the bay while the meal was served and cake was cut. We saw Alcatraz and went under the Golden Gate bridge.
Did i say that it was windy that day?

The ceremonies were finished by 4:00 and more family/wedding party pictures were taken. Since we still had lots of day left, The decision was made ahead of time to go to a baseball game. There are many baseball fans in the family. The Giants played the Athletics in a battle of the bay. The Giants lost.

The trip home was an adventure. We couldn't get home by train because of the flooding along the Mississippi. We flew home. Our large luggage went by train and got home only one day late.

I write about knitting, sewing, flowers and ABC along next time.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

TNNA and travel

It's been a busy couple of weeks. Sunday, June 8 I went to Columbus, OH for the TNNA show. I'm not a yarn store owner, but when it's a couple of hours away, it's a good time to meet and greet suppliers, yarn suppliers, and other bloggers. I saw Lucy Neatby, the rainbow lady. I talked with Lily Chin, Margaret Fisher, Lynn H. Franklin Habit, Annie Modesitt, Chrissy Gardiner, Joan McGowan-Michael, Helene Rush. Shannon Okey, Kristin Nichols, Jackie E-S, Beth Brown-Reinsel, and Sheila Ernst.

I also talked with Chris Blysma of Knitting at Knoon, Katerine Cade of South West Trading Company, Joe Antal of Oasis Yarns, Interweave Press and XRX. It is a trade show after all. I'm hoping to do more designing and teaching in the coming year.

I got home around dinner time, and late that night, got on Amtrak for Chicago and then San Francisco. We have traveled by train before. We start at dark-o-clock in the morning, after staying up half the night, because that's when the train comes through. We then go to sleep and wake up in the Chicago area, where we change trains. We take the sleeper from Chicago, so have a nice lounge to wait in and a couple of hours to go outside and see the area near Union Station. Here's a picture of the Chicago River from last trip.

It was gray and overcast this time. There had been a lot of rain in the area. Here's the Mississippi as we passed over it. We didn't come back this way becasue of the flooding, but that's a story for another day.

We passed lots of farmland .(no pictures) When we got into Denver, we were told that we were going to miss the most spectacular part of the Rockies with the Moffet tunnel because of track work being done. We've seen it before, but still... The scenery can still be boring, but a lot different from home. There is bleak desert in Nevada. In the Denver station was a piece of railroad history. These cars are called "private varnish." We saw a different private cart last time through.

When we got into the Sierra Nevada Mountains, there was still snow.

The Reno station has is now finished. The trains were blocking traffic, so they dug a ditch and ran them under the streets. The work had started when we stopped in 2005. Now it is finished. This is a
"smoking stop," where you can get off the train, but not leave the platform.

We saw a spectacular sunset in Utah and an equally awesome one in Nevada.

The train portion of the trip ended in Emeryville, CA. We then took a bus across the Bay Bridge to San Francisco.

The entire trip took 3 days. We got off the train late Wednesday afternoon. We had a wedding to attend and family to spend time with. Much knitting was done on a purple sweater. It wasn't finished until the trip home. and still needs a good bath before its formal portrait.

I actually packed 5 projects, including 2 pairs of socks. This is excessive for the amount of time available, but actually was a good thing. Just before we left, DH decided to have the 3rd floor of the house insulated. When you hire a professional, he has his idea of the right way to do things. This meant that all plaster and lathe needed to be removed and the "living space" insulated, rather than the roof. We will have plaster board for the walls, damaged plaster will be gone. Unbelievably, 1/4 of all our belongings were moved in a little over 24 hours. A teenage grandson and daughter with strong husband did the work. DH couldn't help because of medical problems and I was at work and TNNA. We have stuff piled in much of the house and in the garage. There is a dumpster in the driveway, so we are a 1 car family for now. My yarn stash is not available! Even many of my summer clothes are buried. The ideal time to tear apart the house is when we aren't there, but even without construction debris it's a mess. Even the dog was a dog camp for the duration.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Finally I Can Sew For Myself

Now that the prom dresses are done, it's my turn. The last prom alteration was finished on Saturday 5/31, for a prom that night. The dress came into the shop the night before.

I used this pattern, View C shown in yellow. The pattern needed to be upsized to fit me. Stash fabric was used. Really old stash fabric, in a cotton poly blend, purchased from JoAnn fabrics for $1.00/yard many years ago. It was a really good deal at that time.

I wore the blouse with brown slacks. I think there will be more blouses similar to this. It's as neat as a tuck in blouse without showing off my less than ideal waist.

We're off the San Francisco on Monday morning. The wedding of youngest daughter is next Saturday. We're taking the train across the country. Lots of pictures will be taken, and shared when possible.

Friday Flowers
Yesterday we found chives and buttercups. The dog walks yield new flowers every day. Flowers that have been sighted, but not photographed include new varieties of Irises, Poppies and Peonies. I'll have to see what flowers I can find in California and on our return. We have annuals in our yard, but I'm waiting until later in the summer for those.

An unmown lawn has white and purple clover.

We've had enough rain to produce mushrooms in the hardwood mulch. Our yard doesn't have any this time around.

I'm off to finish packing for the trip. Sunday will be spent in Columbus, OH at the TNNA show, so packing must be finished before I leave. I hope to make lots of contacts. My design time is limited by a full time job, but I'd like to do more than I am doing now.