Sunday, June 29, 2008

Wedding in San Francisco

This is old news, but I'm still catching up. This was the destination at the end of our train ride. Amtrak took us by bus, over the Bay Bridge to here where we met the happy couple. After stopping at our motel to drop off bags, etc. we went out to dinner. DD, the bride took us to a place she had wanted to try called Tommy's Joynt.

When the rest of the family got to town, we assembled on Fisherman's Wharf. There were little grandkids involved and this was fun for them.

Of course all faces are not to be seen at one time.

The Wedding took place on a boat. They were married by the captain.

The boat then sailed around the bay while the meal was served and cake was cut. We saw Alcatraz and went under the Golden Gate bridge.
Did i say that it was windy that day?

The ceremonies were finished by 4:00 and more family/wedding party pictures were taken. Since we still had lots of day left, The decision was made ahead of time to go to a baseball game. There are many baseball fans in the family. The Giants played the Athletics in a battle of the bay. The Giants lost.

The trip home was an adventure. We couldn't get home by train because of the flooding along the Mississippi. We flew home. Our large luggage went by train and got home only one day late.

I write about knitting, sewing, flowers and ABC along next time.

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