Sunday, December 22, 2013

Winter Beauty

The snow was beautiful while it lasted! It melted and we had a few days of rain.

Snow people appeared.

Christmas decorations were sighted.

Church was attended. Knitting happened. Some gifts arrived and were opened. It's cold and snowy in SE Washington.

 I received a nylon light cube between these two hats.

I need to learn more about photoshopping the resulting images

Saturday, December 14, 2013


My favorite winter weather. Quiet, not too cold or windy. 

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Solitude with dog

I knit this stocking ages ago for a customer. She sent two stockings back for name changes. This requires surgery.

First, chart out new name
Second, separate name from bottom of stocking. Of course these were top down.
Third, unravel old name
Fourth reknit with new name
Graft stocking back together again.

It snowed today! Dog walk time this evening was beautiful, with 25F temps and about 1" of snow. This photo was taken a little later.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Sometimes I Hate living Alone

There are many skills I've been learning that used to be delegated to my husband. Last night the power went out about 8:00 with a bang. It's dark out at that hour, so I went to bed. About 1:00 AM i woke up for a bathroom stop and a big truck was in front of my house. The was a light shining up my driveway and a man on the pole behind the garage. I don't think that is what woke me as he was just finishing up.

When the lights came on a few minutes later, I went down stairs to turn them off. Luckily my alarm clock and answering machines have battery backup. The computer shut off, as did the cable box and DVR. I had to reset the clock on the stove and timers for two lights. I stayed up for a while, having gone to bed so early and went into the bedroom to find the timer light on. Changed that right away. Just had to adjust the current time.

The cable box and DVR got reset this morning, and that went well. They have one of those uninterrupted power supply things that beeped when the power went off. Hit the off switch so I could sleep. (It's in the bedroom, thanks DH!) Stove clock is reset. Just need to reset the living room timer, but that's better done in daylight.

I had another challenge tonight. One of the smoke detectors started chirping. They are wired into the house, but have battery backup. I had never changed the batteries. and they are new enough that I don't think DH did either. It's hard to tell which one is chirping as three of them are in the center hall and the sound travels. I couldn't get the culprit to stop, even with a new battery. I called the fire department, but they didn't have any good ideas. It did finally stop.

I also realized that the furnace wasn't on. The house is well insulated, but 60 F is chilly. Something else to reset. At least I'd done this before, but it's still hard to find the switch.

I used to be protected from these frustrations! Even when I know what needs to be done, I often don't know how to do it and have to learn how. Grrrr!

I've been knitting Christmas gifts.Many must remain secret, but I don't think these recipeients read my blog.
I've been knitting up scrap yarn. I also have 3 hats and a scarf on the gift list.

Christmas stockings have generated some interest. I had a pattern request and someone else seems to have a chart, but wanted to know yarn weight and gauge for a snowman stocking that I did so long ago that I cant find much of a record. Luckily, the original customer wants the name changed and just sent two stockings back to me. I'll scan them and make notes for the future.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

It's the holiday season

The first Advent candle is lit. I love this church building. It was built about 1930, but I love the old style. I'll try to get a picture of the wood carvings another Sunday.

I'm knitting gifts, but i can't show them yet.