Sunday, October 25, 2009

Christmas Stocking and more

Sunday 4:30 PM
Christmas Stocking Step 3: Stocking cuff; knit 1 row, combining stitches from cast on 1 to 1 with this row. Knit stitches on both rows together. Remove crochet cotton. Knit a row of k2tog, yo repeated across row.

Step 4: Start main color. Leg is 44 rows or about 6 1/2 inches. Girls (patterned) stocking; main color, knit 8 rows, white, 2 rows, main color with pattern 30 rows, white 2 rows, main color 2 rows.

This stocking is for Rayven Rose. I was going to work on it until lunch time. Color work is hard to stop. I always want to see how it is going to look when knit. Late afternoon sun makes shadowy photos. This one might have looked better with flash. I'll have to remember that for another time.

The floats are really long in this design and are caught up with the other color on the back side. I worked all through the first football game. The packers beat the Browns. I wish we had a better team! Next step is the heel.

Blue Diamonds
I haven't worked on it today, but I'm 3/4 done with the leg pattern. It needs to be finished by next Sunday.

I have a vest for Christmas to work on now. I need 2 more of these for the three grandkids.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

I'm tired!

Saturday night 10:26 PM
I really don't feel like knitting my first priority socks, the blue Luci's Diamonds. They need to be finished before next Sunday, so I keep on knitting them. I think I'll feel better when I finish the leg. This is sock #2 after all. The leg is 3/4 done, so I'll be heel knitting tomorrow.

I put in a full day at work, as usual on Saturday. I work from 10:00 - 5:00 on Saturdays. The big project of the day is a ministerial robe. I've never made one before, but I have two samples. One is the correct size and one is the desired color. The body of the robe is done. It's white poly gabardine and somewhat translucent. I've underlined it with white lining. The robe is attached to the yoke. the next step is the sleeves. I'll get some photos Monday.

I haven't sewn the side seams yet. I have to check the sample robe to see if I sew them before or after putting in the sleeves. Before sewing the sleeves, I have to do the velvet bands. I have velveteen which needs to be sewn to a foundation of cotton duck. This gets sewn to the full outer sleeve before assembly. This will make more sense when I take pictures, but under the really full sleeve is a more normal one.

The lack of cotton duck required a frustrating trip to JoAnn's. I found the duck easily enough, but I was about 8th in line at the cutting counter. The checkout line was worse. They did have enough workers to clear the line quickly. Finally at the checkout and the register wouldn't take my tax exempt number. It seems that database was down. I finally had to pay the tax and get it refunded on next visit.

Finally, I could go home, walk the dog, and have a quick dinner of chili from the freezer (thawed earlier in the day). I love winter meals that make enough for at least one freezer meal. Tomorrow I'm making beef soup with lentils.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Another Christmas stocking

9:10 AM
It's that time again. Knit another stocking. This is #27 in a series. Great granddaughter Rayven Rose was born earlier this year and a request went out for a stocking. I wasn't sure I wanted to knit one, but the Ravelry SKA group had a stocking as one of the October choices and I said to myself, "Why Not"

I have charted an original design with a bird and a rose. (The girls get different designs, the boys get stripes of some sort.) I will start the cuff,because it will be good knitting while I get my hair cut and don't have my glasses on. It's plain knitting, round and round, it's even big yarn and needles.

I was hoping for a green stocking this time, but since the colors alternate within a family, and her mother's stocking is green, hers should be red. Yes, I have records of all the stockings. My notes have become better as I get older. I save the charts. I have photos of many stockings. The only one that got lost and needed replacing was the one I didn't have a picture or a chart for. I just had a note of what the picture had been.

I give stockings for Baptism gifts and when marriage adds to the family, I do the stocking in time to be hung for the holiday. Last year we had a wedding and my daughter wanted a stocking for her new husband (I wasn't sure).

Step 1: Using a provisional cast on, cast on 64 stitches. Working with white, join without twisting and knit 14 rows.

2:40 PM
Done! Working on step 2: K2tog, yo; repeat to end of round
Done! Knit 15 rounds. Working on it. I figure this will take about a week to make.

The cuff is lying on a quilted throw make by my quilter daughter.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I had a reading problem.

I have overcome it now, but I had a problem. I have been reading a series of books about ancient Rome by Colleen McCollough. There are six long books about Julius Caeser, his times and the people around him. This time through, I read the books in order. The first book is about his uncle Gaius Marius. The last book deals with Ceaser's death. The closer I got to the Ides of March, the less I wanted to read. You can't change history, but I didn't want Caeser to die. I finally got past that part and am finishing the book.

I sometimes find the same sort of problem in knitting or sewing. I really enjoy the journey and don't want it to end, so I work slower.

Sock progress
Blue socks - one finished, one restarted with the knit stitches in the rib twisted this time. The two socks are supposed to match. I've been playing with gusset decreases. I like these better now than I did when the sock came off the needles. Deadline: the end of the month.

Black socks
One finished. the second started. The deadline was in July. I'm going to finish the blue ones first. An IOU was given to be redeemed by the time the weather gets cold (soon approaching).

I actually made myself a blouse and wore it this week. It's an old Vogue pattern. Sewing for myself goes slowly. I don't have much time, and don't really NEED clothes, although new ones are always nice. Another piece of stash fabric used up. I didn't have enough length for long sleeves.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

It's definely Fall

The leaves are changing and falling, as well as the acorns falling, although they've slowed down. The neglected garden has a few interesting plants, not what I chose, but interesting.

The soup pot is in use again. Today I made one of my favorites Pumpkin soup by LynnH. Pumpkin, applesauce and peanut butter. Quick and yummy.

Speaking of interesting, a customer called my dressmaking shop and asked if i could shrink a dress for her sister. It seems the sister had undergone weight loss surgery, loved the dress and couldn't wear it any more.

There's always a problem when shrinking dresses because you can't shrink the neckline. This dress was basically strapless, with a halter tie at the neck. The bodice was pieced and darted strangely, but I had enough fabric to work with and the design lent itself to downsizing.

I keep forgetting that I have an old camera at work, so no before picture. I removed the bodice from the skirt and took out 12 inches, some on either side of the front ruffle and the rest at the sides and back. The ruffle piece was kept ans is and regathered to fit the new size. Four inches were removed from the waist (she must still have a tummy).The skirt was shortened 4 inches from the top, so I had to move the pockets. I hope it fits, but it matches the measurements I was given.

I made some purple socks for granddaughter AE. She's a short adult with a size 2 shoe. She loves the socks. I love them too and want to sell the pattern, so only a sneak peek.

The white vest is quite old (1996), but I love it and wear it often. I designed it and dug it our of my archives to put for sale on Ravelry. A web site where I can sell patterns is still on my to do list. I called it ZigZag Vest. It knit from worsted weight cotton. I needed new photos for the pattern.

There are more grandchildren socks in the works. Black socks for a July birthday grandson. I sent an IOU in his card.

I also have a pair for a granddaughter with an Oct. birthday. I'll see her Nov. 1, so not much time. Knit faster! I dream about quitting work, but I own the business and I'd have to bring too much stuff home. I have no place here to put it right now. Guess I'll keep juggling sewing and knitting for a while longer.