Sunday, October 25, 2009

Christmas Stocking and more

Sunday 4:30 PM
Christmas Stocking Step 3: Stocking cuff; knit 1 row, combining stitches from cast on 1 to 1 with this row. Knit stitches on both rows together. Remove crochet cotton. Knit a row of k2tog, yo repeated across row.

Step 4: Start main color. Leg is 44 rows or about 6 1/2 inches. Girls (patterned) stocking; main color, knit 8 rows, white, 2 rows, main color with pattern 30 rows, white 2 rows, main color 2 rows.

This stocking is for Rayven Rose. I was going to work on it until lunch time. Color work is hard to stop. I always want to see how it is going to look when knit. Late afternoon sun makes shadowy photos. This one might have looked better with flash. I'll have to remember that for another time.

The floats are really long in this design and are caught up with the other color on the back side. I worked all through the first football game. The packers beat the Browns. I wish we had a better team! Next step is the heel.

Blue Diamonds
I haven't worked on it today, but I'm 3/4 done with the leg pattern. It needs to be finished by next Sunday.

I have a vest for Christmas to work on now. I need 2 more of these for the three grandkids.

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