Thursday, October 22, 2009

Another Christmas stocking

9:10 AM
It's that time again. Knit another stocking. This is #27 in a series. Great granddaughter Rayven Rose was born earlier this year and a request went out for a stocking. I wasn't sure I wanted to knit one, but the Ravelry SKA group had a stocking as one of the October choices and I said to myself, "Why Not"

I have charted an original design with a bird and a rose. (The girls get different designs, the boys get stripes of some sort.) I will start the cuff,because it will be good knitting while I get my hair cut and don't have my glasses on. It's plain knitting, round and round, it's even big yarn and needles.

I was hoping for a green stocking this time, but since the colors alternate within a family, and her mother's stocking is green, hers should be red. Yes, I have records of all the stockings. My notes have become better as I get older. I save the charts. I have photos of many stockings. The only one that got lost and needed replacing was the one I didn't have a picture or a chart for. I just had a note of what the picture had been.

I give stockings for Baptism gifts and when marriage adds to the family, I do the stocking in time to be hung for the holiday. Last year we had a wedding and my daughter wanted a stocking for her new husband (I wasn't sure).

Step 1: Using a provisional cast on, cast on 64 stitches. Working with white, join without twisting and knit 14 rows.

2:40 PM
Done! Working on step 2: K2tog, yo; repeat to end of round
Done! Knit 15 rounds. Working on it. I figure this will take about a week to make.

The cuff is lying on a quilted throw make by my quilter daughter.

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