Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I had a reading problem.

I have overcome it now, but I had a problem. I have been reading a series of books about ancient Rome by Colleen McCollough. There are six long books about Julius Caeser, his times and the people around him. This time through, I read the books in order. The first book is about his uncle Gaius Marius. The last book deals with Ceaser's death. The closer I got to the Ides of March, the less I wanted to read. You can't change history, but I didn't want Caeser to die. I finally got past that part and am finishing the book.

I sometimes find the same sort of problem in knitting or sewing. I really enjoy the journey and don't want it to end, so I work slower.

Sock progress
Blue socks - one finished, one restarted with the knit stitches in the rib twisted this time. The two socks are supposed to match. I've been playing with gusset decreases. I like these better now than I did when the sock came off the needles. Deadline: the end of the month.

Black socks
One finished. the second started. The deadline was in July. I'm going to finish the blue ones first. An IOU was given to be redeemed by the time the weather gets cold (soon approaching).

I actually made myself a blouse and wore it this week. It's an old Vogue pattern. Sewing for myself goes slowly. I don't have much time, and don't really NEED clothes, although new ones are always nice. Another piece of stash fabric used up. I didn't have enough length for long sleeves.

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