Friday, January 27, 2012

Welcome home!

I walked in the house after work on Wednesday and was greeted by the smell of heated paint. DD decided to tackle the kitchen cupboard. She explains her (Jan. 26 post).

Five shelves, about 5 feet long were emptied and the contents piled in the kitchen and dining room. I started to wonder how I was going to eat dinner.It will all be good when she finishes, but in the meantime, I'm living in confusion again.

Update: Friday Night
The shelves are full of dishes again, for now.

In the course of the domestic archeology that has been ongoing, some more photo albums were unearthed. One of them contained one of my favorite pictures from the past, taken in 1976 at boy scout camp. My husband and son! It was taken by a professional photographer, who shot at scout camp for fun. This appeared on our church bulletin at that time. (One of the priests was also a photographer.)

Arthroscopic surgery was performed on the Tree Bark Sweater, and the sleeve was removed. It looks much like this, except more knitting has occurred. I had a number of missteps in starting the second sleeve. I started it at work and when I got home a pulled it out of the bag, it came off the needlesin the middle and unraveled the cast on row. I failed at starting the k2, p2 ribbing, doing a p4 in the middle.I finally got the ribbing going correctly and messed up the increase row before starting the cable pattern. I think I have it how and am ready to start cables again. I've lost another cable needle. Seems it's time to buy some more.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I was feeling so good

I had finished one sleeve of my Tree Bark sweater. I took it to Knitting at the library and sewed it to the body. I got the sleeve seamed, but not the body last night. This morning, I was starting the other sleeve, when I noticed the needles in the sweater "kit" were smaller than what I had just finished using.

The bad news is that I knit the sleeve on #8 needles instead of #7, and it shows.

The good news is that it is at least 2" too long, so I will be knitting 2 shorter sleeves.
 Yesterday was the day of the third trip to Home Depot for the closet. It is now set up with the pieces I know I want. I plan to put more module(s) under the long rod, but don't yet know what I want. The empty rod will hold short sleeved tops, but repair work needs to be done to the wall, and I'm not wearing short sleeves right now. Wool sweaters is more like it. The short sleeves can stay where they are until repairs are done.

 My black socks have a heel on the second sock. I started a birthday hat for DGS Michael in Bernat Camouflage yarn.

Other than that, business as usual. Today I work

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Ah, Winter in NE Ohio

 The runners in the family have had some chances to run outdoors on days when the snow is cleared or melted. There has been a demand for the headbands. I've now knit 5 of them, using up a number of small balls of yarn.

Others in the family have gotten scarves. When I planned to knit 12 accessories for 2012, I didn't plan to knit hem all in January. I've now done 7 and still have a hat for a grandson to make in the next week or so.

I've started writing patterns again, adding two sock patterns to Ravelry and one to Patternfish. My Tree Bark sweater is growng a sleeve. Two different socks are being knit.

Work is proceeding on my bedroom closet.  To the left is stage one. There is a small closet to the left of the photo, which will have all the long items like dresses and slacks. I used to have a rod where the rack is now. but always had trouble with the sliding doors. As you can see it is gone completely.

We are building a modular closet. We had brackets for the shelves/racks on the back wall. It seems there is broken lath just where we needed stability. We'll hang those shelves from vertical strips like on the left. Of course it has already taken 2 trips to Home Depot and will take at least one more.

I've upgraded my winter wardrobe. This morning I bought a new jacket on line from Lands replace the one that is too big and is starting to have zipper issues. I also replaced my boots for dog walking. The new ones are sooooo comfy and say that they will keep me warm to -25 degrees. I won't be testing that. The leather boots may stay around for a while. I do hate to throw things out, but if I don't wear them again this winter, they are leaving the house!!!

My family social life continues. Last Sunday there was a large breakfast gathering. Yesterday my son joined me for an orchestra concert. The Cleveland Orchestra played Brahms Piano concerto No. 2 with Yefim Bronfman soloist, and Shostakovich's Symphony No. 6. Tonight there is birthday cake and ice cream for my DIL Prg.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

A Good Start to the New Year

Although I got a cold for Christmas, I'm feeling better now. My youngest daughter Dr. J and her husband were in town after Christmas, and spent New Year's Eve with me. We watched Big Bang Theory all night, drank a little wine, and went to bed. We had gone to the Mongolian Barbeque for dinner with runner girl and her guy. New Year's Day I went to my son's house for dinner. I didn't go back to work until Wednesday.

A bit of knitting happened. I knit a pair of mitts for Dr. J's husband. I made them ribbed, because he didn't think he would wear them, That way Dr. J could use them.

She asked for a cup cozy. I made two of them.

I also knit a pair of felted clogs from the ever popular Fiber Trends pattern. I need to knit more of these in the coming year. I now have the children size pattern, so some of those will be knit as well.

Probably the best gift was one that came late. It was a joint effort and waited for the finishing touch, the stained glass made by Dr. J. It's a box for all the memory things from my husband. I have the sympathy cards, the guest book from the funeral, and a number of other things, like a lock of his hair.

They included one of our favorite photos of him. Also in this picture is a train whistle and a rose from the funeral.

I love the train on the top. It's stylized and really represents his love of steam railroads.

Now that all the gifts are done and delivered, the last gifts went to Florida with Dr. J, I'm on to other things.One of my goals this year is to read 12 books that I already own. I have no particular plan, but I'm keeping a list. I started with The Opinionated Knitter by Elizabeth Zimmermann. In it I found a headband pattern that seemed meant for little bits of bulky yarn. Another goal is to knit 12 different patterns from ones I own on January 1, 2012. This qualifies. The second headband was an odd ball that I got as a designer perk.

I also finished a pair of socks. I have the pattern written, but the photo isn't in yet. I'll go over the copy and publish it on Ravelry. It's the first pattern in quite a while. I haven't quit designing, just writing up the designs.