Saturday, November 30, 2013

Stockings and stuff

The stockings are finished for this year. The customer ordered another "Santa in Chimney" stocking to be knit after Christmas. A baby boy joined the family since the first batch were ordered. He'll be 2 months old at Christmas, and grandma doesn't want the stocking for this year. Perhaps it doesn't fit her budget.

Every year or so I get to do Christmas stockings on commission. I've knit three or four of the "Santa in Chimney" and "Santa with Tree" ones. They originally were Bernat kits. I have done a couple of other patterns too. Last year I had to do five of the the same stocking. It happens to be one of my least favorite patterns. I don't like the Santa on this one, although I've done at least three versions of the pattern.

I also did a family stocking this year. These are an ongoing series, using the same basic pattern, but no two alike.

 There has been Christmas knitting too, but I can't show that.

One of today's tasks is to write up a sweater pattern that has been waiting far too long. I finished the sweater last summer. Then the hard drive crasheon my desktop. The data was saved and reinstalled on the new drive, but I didn't find the folder with the pattern until yesterday. I had almost finished writing the sweater pattern in one size. When It went missing, I thought I'd have to rewite it, and that never got done. It didn't help that my laptop from work died and needed to be replaced. Again, I had the data backed up, but these things still take time and brainpower. I actually haven't written a pattern for about a year. I designed a couple of things, like my sock yarn sweater, but they weren't the sort of thing that I could work into a pattern.

I'm designing a hat as a gift and will write up the pattern, but don't know it I will knit another version before releasing it. Before I settle in to the computer, I have to go renew my car license plate (if the bureau is open on Saturday) and start the turkey stock from the feast. I usually get leftovers from my daughter, but this year I asked for the bones. I don't know how much meat is still on them, but I also cooked 1/2 of a breast to make sure I had enough turkey this year. I make a lot of soups in the winter, so a few quarts of turkey stock will be handy.

This week I have made a chicken chili which was to be served over rice or couscous. I used up my couscous and mixed it into the chili. The leftovers have joined all the other meals in the freezer. I like to cook up a batch of something on my day off from work and then just heat it up on work days. I had a lot of creamy soup stored up, but was looking for something chunky. The chili has only about 3 cups of liquid in the whole pot.

Thursday, while the cranberry bread, turkey and squash were in the oven, I made a cheesy broccoli soup.Based on evaporated milk, it has carrots and cheddar cheese as well as the broccoli. Yum! The squash was roasted for later use as long as the oven was on. I have a recipe for pumpkin and acorn squash soup to be cooked soon. The butternut squash doesn't have a specific recipe waiting for it, but I have a number of options.

A scarf gift

This scarf is knit from three different yarns, two of them light blue and one striped. I knit a three color seed stitch, starting each of the first three rows with a different yarn and after that, using the resting yarn for the next row. It's a little shiny, so will go to a girl/woman. Don't know who will get this one.

Friday, November 29, 2013


The clown costume was delivered and she is very happy. If I get a picture, I'll share. The finished costume has pockets every where. In the pants, in both layers of skirt, and the cupcakes are pockets. The collar and belt are removable. The thing hanging from the sleeve is a sleeve extension. It goes above the elbow and  is held in place by elastic. She wanted the option of long sleeves for cooler weather, although most of her work is done in warmer weather or indoors.