Monday, June 25, 2012

Busy, expensive week

The green socks are finished! It was a struggle. I ran out of yarn in the last toe. Since I had already re-bought this yarn when I lost a sock last year, I didn't want to buy it again to finish this project. I love the yarn (Crystal Palace Panda Silk), but I'd like another color.

Ravelry to the rescue. I found a couple of Ravelry members who had the same yarn and had used most if it in their projects. One was moving and all her yarn was packed up, but the other sent me the 8 gn she had, which was more than enough.

I'm now finishing socks for my son, but no photos. I first knit these socks for my husband in a semi-solid black. That doesn't photograph well, but he liked black. This time they are beige4, which photographs well, but I've sold the sock pattern. I have a deal where they will go to the August photo shoot and be returned to me so my son can wear them this winter. The pattern won't be published until spring.

The dishcloths for my daughters are done. Now I want to do some for my sister, but they will be a Christmas present. They're such fun to knit. I really make a large swatch of a pattern, using cotton yarn in a color I think appropriate. My sister has crocheted dishcloths. She says when the centers get thin, she uses them between the pans in her cupboard. She cooks with electricity and has non-stick pans which benefit from the protection.

Toimorrow will be a day to drive the dog crazy, not that it's hard to do. The refrigerator fix-it man is coming back. He's fixed my ice maker water valve, so we now have ice, but it still doesn't come through the door. That'll be expensive, but I knew that. In addition roofers will be her early in the morning. It's an expensive week!

Friday, June 8, 2012

It's been a long, long time

For the past month, I've spent much of my free time in the yard. I've learned to operate the lawn mower and the weed whacker. The watering system has been conquered. Weeds have been pulled. Flowers, tomatoes, peppers, and herbs have been planted.I'm getting close to the maintenance phase of the job. I do enjoy it, but so many things this year have had a learning curve attached.

Knitting has occurred, but not as much. I haven't worked much on the yellow sweater, but this is what the yarn looks like. I finished a sleeve, and the back is started.

I finished a pair of socks for myself. Crystal Palace Mini Mochi is not an indestructible yarn, so not suitable for gifts.

I've knit many dishcloths. This last batch was a wedding present for a kitting friend.

For mother's day we did the traditional family breakfast at Bob Evans, trying a new location near me this time. I received this picture of a group of silly little people and two measuring cups with markings I can read. The white rings can be read from the top.

I'm one of many people who keep using what we have, even when it should be replaced. apparently I said something about not being able to read markings on one of my measuring cups.

I've been in training for Ravelympics. The Stash Knit Down group has a training challenge. Right ow I'm doing endurance training, knit the same project for ten days. I started a pair of socks with a simple pattern last Friday night (June 1). I needed something to knit while my friend drove tot he wedding.  These socks also qualify for the Sock Knitters Anonymous challenge since I am using an under appreciated pattern. This one is from a 1994 Socka book. I can triple dip with the solid socks group since the yarn is semi-solid and green for this month.
In addition, it is a Crystal Palace yarn (Panda Silk) so will count toward the 12 month challenge in that group.
I skipped the sock challenge last month to finish my jacket and get the dishcloths done for the wedding. It's not like I need socks. What I need is to knit a few other things on my list!