Monday, February 11, 2013

On the Road in Tallahassee

It was time to visit my daughters in a warmer climate. I flew into Jacksonville Florida, still knitting on my blue sweater. Dd #5 Joyce met me, stopping to see Dd #1 Julie before heading to Tallahassee.

Joyce had been job hunting, and got the official job offer she was expecting, so the evening was spent on the laptop computer. She will be moving to Washington State University and needed to talk to her new department chair, negotiate responsibilities, money and other things. This took place intermittently during my visit. Emails were sent. Phone calls were made. I knit and read books on my iPad.

Her husband cooked dinner the second night, using a recipe from a WW cookbook called "Cook it Quick". I looked through the cookbook, thinking to add a few recipes to my iPad. I finally decided that there were so many recipes I liked that I should buy the book.

We spent one day at McClay Gardens. This is a Florida park known for magnolia trees and camellias.

I cooked soup for all that night from a recipe i had brought from home. It's a challenge to cook in someone else's kitchen. I'm glad she was home to help me find things, even if her nose was glued to the computer screen, and her attention was on the future job.

Spanish Moss on a Magnolia tree