Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I was feeling so good

I had finished one sleeve of my Tree Bark sweater. I took it to Knitting at the library and sewed it to the body. I got the sleeve seamed, but not the body last night. This morning, I was starting the other sleeve, when I noticed the needles in the sweater "kit" were smaller than what I had just finished using.

The bad news is that I knit the sleeve on #8 needles instead of #7, and it shows.

The good news is that it is at least 2" too long, so I will be knitting 2 shorter sleeves.
 Yesterday was the day of the third trip to Home Depot for the closet. It is now set up with the pieces I know I want. I plan to put more module(s) under the long rod, but don't yet know what I want. The empty rod will hold short sleeved tops, but repair work needs to be done to the wall, and I'm not wearing short sleeves right now. Wool sweaters is more like it. The short sleeves can stay where they are until repairs are done.

 My black socks have a heel on the second sock. I started a birthday hat for DGS Michael in Bernat Camouflage yarn.

Other than that, business as usual. Today I work

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