Saturday, October 24, 2009

I'm tired!

Saturday night 10:26 PM
I really don't feel like knitting my first priority socks, the blue Luci's Diamonds. They need to be finished before next Sunday, so I keep on knitting them. I think I'll feel better when I finish the leg. This is sock #2 after all. The leg is 3/4 done, so I'll be heel knitting tomorrow.

I put in a full day at work, as usual on Saturday. I work from 10:00 - 5:00 on Saturdays. The big project of the day is a ministerial robe. I've never made one before, but I have two samples. One is the correct size and one is the desired color. The body of the robe is done. It's white poly gabardine and somewhat translucent. I've underlined it with white lining. The robe is attached to the yoke. the next step is the sleeves. I'll get some photos Monday.

I haven't sewn the side seams yet. I have to check the sample robe to see if I sew them before or after putting in the sleeves. Before sewing the sleeves, I have to do the velvet bands. I have velveteen which needs to be sewn to a foundation of cotton duck. This gets sewn to the full outer sleeve before assembly. This will make more sense when I take pictures, but under the really full sleeve is a more normal one.

The lack of cotton duck required a frustrating trip to JoAnn's. I found the duck easily enough, but I was about 8th in line at the cutting counter. The checkout line was worse. They did have enough workers to clear the line quickly. Finally at the checkout and the register wouldn't take my tax exempt number. It seems that database was down. I finally had to pay the tax and get it refunded on next visit.

Finally, I could go home, walk the dog, and have a quick dinner of chili from the freezer (thawed earlier in the day). I love winter meals that make enough for at least one freezer meal. Tomorrow I'm making beef soup with lentils.

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