Sunday, June 29, 2008

WWKIP, Socks and other stuff

World Wide Knit in Public Day was also my daughter's wedding day. Yes I knit, when not busy celebrating. Pictures were taken of me knitting at the baseball game. The same purple blob was on the needles the whole trip, although I brought plenty of alternatives. Finally it was ready to wear on the airplane home. It was too big, but should shrink up when washed.

It seems better now, but I'm still not
completely happy with the sleeves.

Next project was the May Mystery Socks from Ravelry's Sock Knitters Anonymous Group. Small bits of stash yarn were suggested for the stranded bits. would have done better if I had more solids, or if I had know how much yarn I needed of each color. The charts also failed at the tip of the toe, because they contained too many decreases. I'm not sure I made the two feet identical, but they're close. The designer also gave a shorter version, which is also tempting. The leg portion of these is 10" long. I also should have changed back to smaller needles once the stranded portion was finished, but didn't have the smaller needles handy.

I can finally show some of the flowers in my yard. We have too many of these day lilies! We have a few less common varieties too.

Business is slow right now. I made a new skirt last week (no picture) and a cotton blouse/jacket. The fabric is too heavy for a blouse and should have more ease for a jacket, but I plan to wear it open. It's unlined and will coordinate with a skirt and couple of blouses. The pattern is the same one I used for my brown blouse earlier in the month. Again, I'm not happy with the sleeves. I may stick to short sleeves with this pattern. This version is center bottom.

M is for.....
Mess - I mentioned this last week, the deconstruction of a whole floor of our house for purposes of insulatiing the living area from the roof. Left to right you see a claw foot tub containing insulation, the back of the toilet, the back of the sink vanity and medicine cabinet. The gray stuff on the ceiling is inside vents for air circulation.

Mother's Day Quilt - sewn by DD the quilter. In 2006, she made quilts for all the mothers in the family. Yes, we have 6 children. She's #2, the whitish flower. For her younger sister with small children, (the yellow flower) she made the pieces button together for possible family expansion. Good thing, since WB is almost 1 yr. old now.

Mittens and mitts - you knew there had to be some knitting in here. The purple mitts are often worn inside the purple mittens. Those mittens are trimmed with Bernat Boa and are a set with a scarf and hat. The big blue mittens with gauntlets are from Anna Zilboorg's Magnificent Mittens book. They are lined with alpaca and trimmed with pearls. The pearls have not held up well. The finish has come off. The last pair is double knit fair isle. I forget the name of the mitten book.

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