Friday, June 6, 2008

Finally I Can Sew For Myself

Now that the prom dresses are done, it's my turn. The last prom alteration was finished on Saturday 5/31, for a prom that night. The dress came into the shop the night before.

I used this pattern, View C shown in yellow. The pattern needed to be upsized to fit me. Stash fabric was used. Really old stash fabric, in a cotton poly blend, purchased from JoAnn fabrics for $1.00/yard many years ago. It was a really good deal at that time.

I wore the blouse with brown slacks. I think there will be more blouses similar to this. It's as neat as a tuck in blouse without showing off my less than ideal waist.

We're off the San Francisco on Monday morning. The wedding of youngest daughter is next Saturday. We're taking the train across the country. Lots of pictures will be taken, and shared when possible.

Friday Flowers
Yesterday we found chives and buttercups. The dog walks yield new flowers every day. Flowers that have been sighted, but not photographed include new varieties of Irises, Poppies and Peonies. I'll have to see what flowers I can find in California and on our return. We have annuals in our yard, but I'm waiting until later in the summer for those.

An unmown lawn has white and purple clover.

We've had enough rain to produce mushrooms in the hardwood mulch. Our yard doesn't have any this time around.

I'm off to finish packing for the trip. Sunday will be spent in Columbus, OH at the TNNA show, so packing must be finished before I leave. I hope to make lots of contacts. My design time is limited by a full time job, but I'd like to do more than I am doing now.

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