Monday, December 31, 2007

First Post - Gulp!

I've been reading blogs and joined Ravelry. I'm on a break from work right now, so the time has come to join the blog community. I'm also a professional dressmaker, so will post about that on occasion.

Good news on Ravelry. I finished the S.W.A.K 12 Days of Christmas sweater last October. I got a request today to use the photo on the Ravelry site connected with thepattern. This sweater took forever. It was a gift from DH for Christmas 1999. I seemed to only work on it after Christmas each year. I finally worked out a box and lid arrangement that made it easy to pick up where I left off. The deadline this year was our local guild member's competition in October. I've been wearing it a lot.

Today is a lazy day. I'm not feeling well. DH John is snoozing and watching football on TV. I'm knitting on swatches for the TNNA (needlework trade group) Great Wall of Yarn. This is a display just outside the show, displaying the new yarns and swatches of most of them. I belong to the Association of Knitwear Designers, who knit most of the swatches.

The Lilac hat is knit from Magic Gardens Buttons from Naturally Hand Knit Yarns. It is DK weight washable wool with polyester. This appears to be new color in this yarn.

The poncho is knit from Puffin, a polyester fleece yarn from Crystal Palace. The Puffin is white with flecks of traditional baby colors. It is soft and easy to work with.

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Jean said...

Lorrie, Congratulations on the new blog. I also know the Gulp factor as I began my blog just a couple months ago when I joined the 4 socks kal. I then promptly picked up my needles and began working on totally different items for holiday gifting and have only completed one pair of socks...and they were already on the needles when I signed up. I don't post to the blog all that often either, but I do plan to get better at it.

Anyway, I wanted to tell you how wonderful the SWAK vest turned out. I saw the "original" one up close and personal several years ago and quickly decided it would be quite a while before my skills would be up to that particular challenge.
I met Keely when we were living in OKC and thought she was just wonderful. Her little shop in Guthrie was my favorite place in the whole state. :)
I've saved your blog link to my favorites and will look forward to dropping by for a read now and again. later,
Jean...also living in Ohio
although not as far north as you.