Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Spring, Happy Easter

Spring arrived in NE Ohio in the usual manner.

The TV weather gurus say that we've had almost 20" more snow than usual. We know which weekend that snow fell. This stuff is pretty, and it melted away rather quickly. We did get 6" more, which makes dog walking difficult where the walks aren't cleared.

I'm working on a design for Oasis Yarns using their Aussie Sock yarn, but not for socks.
We had Easter dinner with much of the family in Erie PA, hosted by DD the quilter. The littlest grandkids were there, as well as the littlest great grandkids (by marriage).
Both of these girls are 3 years old. We also had some of the older grandchildren.We have three generations of "men" watching basketball before dinner.A good time, with lots of food was had by all. We're at a point where our daughters are good cooks and love to host family dinners. The holidays rotate between houses, or in one case a backyard where the house is small. It was a great day for knitting, mostly on the red "thing".

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