Monday, April 7, 2008


The Snakes and Snails sweater was successfully finished and has had its bath. The pattern is written in all 5 sizes. All it needs is a picture of the sweater. I'll do that in the morning, whether or not it's dry.

Last Friday we went to a hockey game again. DH has split a pair of season tickets with a friend. This time I took the camera. Our team is the Lake Erie Monsters, a farm team for the Colorado Avalanche. I'm not a big hockey fan, but I follow DH and knit. Hockey is 3 periods of 20 minutes each (sport team minutes). Intermissions are 20 minutes each. I have been working on a sweater that is mostly stockinette. I also have worked on simple socks. This last time I started a ruffle for a little girls sweater to go with the Snakes and Snails. It started out too wide. I seem to have swatched the body pattern too tight. I reswatched and it is fine now. Did I say that in the last post?

Here's some of the hockey stuff. The 400# monster that the players enter the rink through.

Sullivan C. Goal, known as Sully comes through first. He's sliding on a sled across the ice.

Zambonis with Zamboni riders, a great honor and thrill!

Local mascots played broom hockey at one intermission. Sully is 00, the pink thing is Slider, our Cleveland Indians mascot. The brown guy is the Cleveland Browns mascot. He's a dog, but I don't know his name. We have a dog pound at one end of the stadium. The mascot in orange is Moon Dog for our basketball team. The Cleveland Cavaliers. The guy with the hockey stick is one of the Mullet brothers (from some hockey movie). They are part of the crew and skate onto the ice during official timeouts and pick up ice shavings from in front of the goals and the team benches.

By the way, a hockey game was played for 3 periods, one 5 min. overtime period, and finally won in a shoot out.

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