Sunday, April 26, 2009

Round and round we go

The red lace socks will be finished in an hour or so. I'm looking to sell the pattern, so you don't get a better picture.

The shawl I need to knit before TNNA has the design finalized. The body lace had been knit, blocked and measured for gauge. The chart has been made and the repeat of the pattern delineated. I spent a couple of days looking for an edging I liked. Many possibilities were swatched and I went back to try #1. I had swatched it in garter stitch, but I'm going to do it in stockinette with faggoting.

I have been going round and round for a couple of weeks trying to replace my dying Palm Pilot. I can't get a new one without a phone. The phone wouldn't hold a charge. Verizon sent me a new battery. It worked for couple of days and then wouldn't hold a charge. We're trying a new phone, but I'm losing confdence. I still have my old phone, which can be reactivated. My quilter daughter has a Palm sitting in a drawer which has hardly been used. We'll see which way I go. Right now I have to charge the new phone, get the palm data into it, and see what happens.

I'm looking forward to starting new socks and the shawl. I'll be able to show the socks, because they're not my pattern.

We have a heat wave here in NE Ohio. The yard needs work, the house needs work, and I have a pulled muscle in my ankle probably caused by the dog squirrel chasing while on a leash. At least I have spring flowers. The bulbs I bought in pots last spring are blooming now. I did the same thing this year. I buy pots and use them at work until the flowers go. Then I put them in the ground. I never think of bulbs in the fall and this is working well.

John is working on my new computer. This one is old, slow and has very little memory, not enough for what I'm trying to do. Most of the stuff is transferred. We sent on a "date" today to exchange the phone and get a serial port for the printer I use to print payroll checks. He can't get the serial port into the computer. He'll take both parts back to the store and let them make it work. The last thing will be the internet connection and virus protection. We are hoping to transfer what we've already paid for.

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