Friday, December 25, 2009

Peaceful Christmas Day

The Sewing is Done!

I made 6 pairs of flannel pj pants. DH got one pari this morning and the rest go to the teen-age grandkids tomorrow at the family hoopla and pajamas all day party. Three pieces are from my fabric stash. Once upon a time long ago, I was going to make flannel shirts for DH. I don't remember him wearing flannel shirts, but whatever. This is a good use for the flannel. Both mothers thought it was a great idea. I like that there is only ONE main pattern piece, so the sewing went quickly. I needed that this year.

Knitting is still not done

Yesterday I finished a pair of slippers and felted them last night. They are a little odd looking, because I used a different yarn for the top than I used for the soles. This is an in progress picture. The whole project only took a couple of days, and the soles used up some odd balls of Lopi that I inherited from my mother 20 years ago.

I'm still working on the last vest for the littlest grandson. Last Sunday both boys were wearing vests, and I checked with their mom before starting the project. Just have one armhole band to knit and sew up the sides. I need to get a picture of all three vests before I wrap them. It's raining outside, but I hope to spread a sheet on the porch and lay all three on that for the photo. Indoor photos won't work! I can do indoor photos of small things by putting them on a good background and using natural light from a window. Both of the above photos were done that way.

I'm baking Nut roll and Poppy seed roll

I didn't realize it, but I have never done this before, but it became my job to carry on the family tradition. My mother-in-law always baked them for holidays. Her job was taken over by my oldest daughter. Oldest daughter is now living in Florida. She'll be up for the holidays, but without time to bake. Today is quiet and I have the time.

I solved an on-going problem - where to buy ground poppy seed. I asked in the produce department of my favorite store and was sent to the bakery. Success!! The dough is made and probably has risen by now. The fillings are made. I should go upstairs and see about putting it together.

Christmas Dinner

This year we have been invited to follow a tradition of a boyfriend/almost family member. We are going to a Chinese restaurant tonight with said man and our daughter and her boys. Just like in A Christmas Story.

Tomorrow's mayhem is a brunch affair. Potluck pancakes etc. and nut roll and poppy seed roll, and lots of gifts.

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