Saturday, May 29, 2010

Thoughts on inanimate objects

Sewing machines
The human mind is an odd thing. This last week, I needed to have my sewing machine repaired. This is an industrial machine, so the head goes to the repair shop, while the table and motor stay put. I had been having trouble with skipping the last few days, and finally I gave up and called the repair shop Saturday morning. They were in and said to send it over. DH was available for transport, since I was working. Machine disassembled and trucked down to the car.

I have an extra machine in my shop, other than the one my employee uses. It hadn't been used for a couple of years since another employee left. I had to install a new light. The box had been sitting on the machine table since I stole the old light for my machine. Clean off the dust, adjust the tension, its good to go. As I kept working, I fiddled with adjustments, including table height. It's an oldie, but goody. I became comfortable with it.

Working with an industrial machine takes a little adjustment. When I first started, I was told that in time, it would become an extension of my hands and arms. This machine has the bobbin loaded from the side, rather than the front like my machine, using the left hand, rather than the right. The needle threads from the left rather than the front. Different hands here too. When I worked at the costume company, I used a machine like this, so the adjustment isn't too bad. The feel of the motor/clutch takes a little getting used to. Each machine is a little different. The more I worked on this machine, the more I got used to it.

Finally, on Thursday, I called the repair shop. By the time I connected with the owner and determined that the machine was ready, I didn't have time to pick it up. Luckily someone else was coming to the shop and could bring my baby to me. It caught up with me on Friday morning.

It took a while to put it together again. The belt guard is a pain and I always get it wrong, before I get it right.
I'm back on this machine, its working perfectly, but it feels odd! I had gotten used to the other machine and now this one took a little getting used to.

Front yard Part 3
The landscaper didn't come back and didn't come back. The flats of flowers needed to get in the ground. I found some time, so I did it. I really like playing in the dirt, but don't have much time. These are chocolate chip carpet bugle, a perennial ground cover under the bushes that edge the yard.

The center walk is edged with Impatiens this year. I would like to find some perennials, but not this year, I think.

We used to have a a thick row of day lilies on the tree lawn. We now have two small plants. The old ones were tiger lilies with tall orange flowers. The new are Stella D'Oro with yellow flowers. these will not grow very tall. Grass is under the straw. or it will be when it grows. The yard sat like this for almost another week. Rainy weather was part of the reason.

Front yard part 4
The landscaper returns! He brought creeping phlox. He brought Spirea and more yellow day lilies. He also brought some more bushes. I love the one with the colored leaves. I don't remember the name of it. The landscaper also brought topsoil for the whole area.

I was disappointed that the rubble still showed. It's good to hold the hill in place, but it's ugly. In time the plants will cover it, and we still have mulch to be applied. Part of the delay is that my neighbor wants to finish weeding before mulching.

Mothers Day
We had our usual breakfast at Bob Evans with all available family. DGS Chris was on leave from the Air Force so it was nice to see him. DD#1 used to drive in from Erie PA for the breakfast, but this year, she lives in Florida. DD#4 invited us for dinner at her house. Her son has been learning chess and playing with a friend at recess if the weather is bad. Grandpa is talking strategy with him.

Sock knitting has happened. The brown socks for DH have one sock finished. I should weigh the remaining yarn, to see if I will get a second sock out of it, but I may live dangerously. The plan is to use up each color in order, and finish with solid brown if necessary.

The purple socks are a Cookie A pattern for SKA on Ravelry. I am finishing the toe on sock #2. I really will have to take new pictures.

I have more sewing to talk about, a little more landscaping, and a baby sweater. I also have a two day weekend, with Monday off.


My Pretty Plus said...

That one with the yellow-green leaves looks like a lemon daddy hydrangea that I've had my eye on down here but I don't know enough about plant IDing to be confident that's it. It looks great!

Lorraine said...

Actually, it's called Wintercreeper. I didn't have the info handy when I posted.