Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tomatoes of various types

Tomato Hat

DGD Kat is having another baby in Sept. The sweater I knit for the first one is gender neutral, so I decided to make fruit hats for both kids. The new guy is getting a tomato hat. I bought the pattern on the shop hop last week and came home to find another copy. DD #1 knits and now has a fruit hat pattern. I thought the pattern I had was the flower hat, but can't find that one. Do I need to repurchase to find where it is hiding?

Everyone has red tomatoes in their garden except me! The area where my plants are planted used to be sunny, but when I wasn't looking, trees grew up and the neighbor installed a wooden fence in a corner which also shades the plants. Score on 2 plants; 4 tomatoes on one of them.

I only planted tomatoes and peppers this year, and the pepper section of the garden is doing well. Something ate most of the leaves from the pepper plants early on, but I moved them to our back porch. We have lots of peppers of various sizes and colors. Next year I'll try a couple of other things in addition to tomatoes and peppers. Cutting back a little on work commitments means more time for other pursuits.

Quilter daughter is in town this week. We had dinner with her Wednesday night at her favorite restaurant. Nice long talk about what she's doing and how the new house moving is coming along. She moved July 4th weekend and is mostly unpacked now. Leaving Saturday to be home in Florida on Sunday.

Red sweater

Last March, I knit a sweater for the Cast On Anniversary issue. It is now out and available to the public. I think TKGA picked a model too large for the sweater. My photo shows how I expected it to fit.
The yarn is Classic Elite Classic Silk, a very nice yarn, but TKGA wanted a machine knit pattern and this yarn doesn't work on the machine. I used a more machine friendly yarn for that, and the pattern is on their website. This sweater was knit by hand. It went quickly , especially with no cable needle. The pattern is a four stitch cable, but big enough in gauge to just drop stitches and pick them up again.

My Lucy Neatby Fiesta Feet 2nd sock is mid foot, so it'll be finished by the end of the month to count for the Ravelry SKA challenge for July. Not that I have much chance of winning a prize, but I do like to meet the deadline.

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