Thursday, March 3, 2011

I can see clearly now

I keep thinking, how did I get into that mess with this sock? The pattern is written well, being very specific on the parts I stumbled on. It says to inc. every 3rd rnd. It says to increase 14 times. It says that the wedge created should have 29 sts. Somehow, I didn't process this information.

Part of the problem was that I went to work on Monday with the sock, but not the pattern. I worked two repeats of the pattern and stopped. That was good! I think that when I stopped I had 29 sts on the sole of foot needle. At that point I misread the pattern and started the heel. The sock was too short!

Of course it was too short! I had 6 more sets of increases to do. A day and a half of Sturm and Drang and I'm back to following the instructions as written, and feeling stupid. I have a daughter who writes a quilting blog in story form with an alias. I wonder if I should have done that here, give myself an alias for when I do dumb things. Instead of Aunt Gertie I could become ????

The sole is now finished. It is the correct size. Wonderful things happen when you follow the instructions.

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