Saturday, April 16, 2011

Rhetorical question

Why do people wait until the last minute? Maybe this week is Miracle Week, not just Holy Week.

Spring holidays started with the Jewish holidays starting Friday night. Phone call #1 can you hem some pants by tonight? Yes. They come in with 6 months worth of mending and want it all tonight. I did it and collected the money.

Phone call #2 can you hem some pants by Monday? Yes, I work on Saturday. Mother comes in with son (cooperative) and daughter (in meltdown stage). Son leaves winter jacket and I have no phone # where they are staying. They are in town from Miami. They'll get the jacket back with the pants Monday. Mom may not know where he left the jacket, and many Jewish people do not use telephones on the Sabbath.

Today, another one. Three pairs of pants for Monday. Adult son in town for holidays. I was the first stop after dropping the suitcase.

Easter is next week. I'm bracing myself. Did I say I have an alterations shop?

Major knitting has been my gray sweater. I should take another photo of it. This is easy knitting, a four row pattern with three rows being knit 3, purl 3. My green socks have a pattern which requires chart watching, so not so easy.

What should I start next? I have a shawl charted. I have ideas for a magazine submission. Maybe I'll do that one tomorrow. There's also some bookwork/bill paying.

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