Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Resurfacing from the mess

It's still going on, but temporarily, I have full computer access. We now have a wireless LAN, so i can use my laptop anywhere in the house, but my passwords are stored on the desktop. Ravelry doesn't work right on the laptop, through Internet Explorer. The desktop uses Firefox, so I've been frustrated with no desktop. I mainly use the laptop at work, where I don't need the internet, so that's a temporary problem.

We're getting our wiring updated, which required ceiling removal in the basement and the kitchen. Both ceilings were damaged already. Plumbing leaks etc.

The kitchen is a little dark with only 2 light bulbs, but we're coping.

The basement was well lighted, but will be less so for now. Hanging wires have disappeared, leaving 3 1st floor outlets unpowered. The main room has 5 new lights, including one at the base of the stairs. We missed that one when it went away for a couple of days. We also have new outlets on all the walls where there were none before.

The utility room had 2 small florescent fixtures and a couple of other bulbs. Now the laundry area is quite bright and the dark corners are lit. Part of the old lighting had to work around 2 large boilers original to the house. We now have one small one, so more empty space.

The electrician will be back next week to update the 1st and 2nd floors.

Meanwhile, I've been knitting. I've finished the truck sweater for WB, but the family is on vacation. I watched the Tour de France bicycle race for 3 weeks. Fascinating! At the end of the race, the sweater looked like this, body finished sleeves started, still in need of neck and front ribbing.

This is the finished back, with trucks going in both directions. On the front, they all go to the center. I lengthened the body because WB has a long torso, and lengthened the sleeves, because it adds to the wearing life. The pattern is one by Ann Norling.

I did finish the Milestone socks for his Dad in time for the party, a 50th birthday bash. They won't be worn until winter.

I'm working on socks for big foot now, with a delivery date of about 8/17 in Florida. He really appreciates the socks and wears them to death, so more are always welcome. This time I used colorwork to stretch the yarn to fit the feet. I have a couple of yards left from sock #1. Size 14 wide feet use more than 100 gm of sock yarn!

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