Thursday, November 24, 2011

A Day to Give Thanks

With two deaths in the family this fall, it's been hard emotionally. Today is a day to look at the good in my life.

  • For over 50 years, I had a good partner in my life, (almost 50 of them we were married.).
  • My wonderfully supportive and loving children, who have gathered around for family support.
  • My sister Carol, who had a rough start at married life, but she and her two children found a good man and a good life.
  • My sister Beth who found her man on a blind date and they're still together.
  • Family gatherings like Thanksgiving dinner at my daughter's house.
  • My house is paid for and remodeling continues, with most of the work being done by family members.
  • My friends, mostly knitting ones.
  • My weight loss. I started after Easter, and am reaching the end. I've dreamed of this for years, and finally found something that works for the rest of my life.
  • Not to forget my dog. I am never alone in my house.
  • My yarn stash. I can knit for a long time without spending money on yarn. Buying yarn is optional.
  • A freezer full of good food that I have cooked over time. Cooking is optional, although I've done a lot of it recently.
  • My new iPhone acquired when my last phone went swimming and drowned. I'm still learning about all that it can do.

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