Saturday, January 5, 2013

Socks and mitts

A new pair of socks is growing.The SKA group on Ravelry has a flora and fauna challenge this month. I designed these to fit the challenge. I'm calling them Zinnias. The self striping yarn does not appear to be in my yarn inventory. Either I missed entering it, or I'm blind. The red yarn is from a recent pair of socks

I put the pattern on the iPad I borrowed from my daughter. I'm thinking of getting one, especially if I can get a good used one. She loaned me this one to be sure I'll use it before I spend the money. I'm still on the uphill part of the learning curve, but I'm having fun.

I also expect to use it in cooking recipes from the internet. I put another recipe in Pepperplate today. It's the soup I had for dinner.Poblano Chicken Chowder. I've been tracking my food in MyFitnessPal and had to enter it there. I needed all the ingredients for the entry and took it out of my cooking notebook, When I saw the website at the top of the page, it went into the iPad. My oldest daughter trolls the internet for interesting recipes and shares them with me.

Today was fix the mitt day. Over last winter, a mouse or squirrel chewed the inside of my barbecue mitt. I used it over the summer, but was not happy with the damage. I bought fabric and insulation to make a replacement. When I turned it inside out to get a good pattern, I decided to sew in a new lining, enclosing the damage, and still make the new mitt as a gift.

Forget to take a photo of the damage, but here's the new lining.

I quilted it and then trimmed it. What a pain to turn right side out!!! The top edge has bias tape on it. Yes, I used a power machine and a heavy needle. Here's the finished mitt.The lining on both mittsis gingham. The gift mit is denim on the outside and red gingham inside. If I show it here, it won't be a surprise.

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