Monday, April 22, 2013

Checking In Again

I haven't finished anything since my last post. Sweaters take longer than socks. I'm still working on the  black sweater and its design. The pattern is written for the back up to the shoulders. I haven't knit that far yet. Taking photos of black objects is like a black cat in a coal bin.I lightened the picture considerably and the pattern almost shows up.There is a marker designating the start of the armhole for ease in measuring.

I'm also knitting another shrug, from a pattern DD Joyce sent me. I found some stash yarn that appears to be hand spun and hand dyed. It is two ply and has a slight unevenness in thickness. The color is a little uneven.I washed the swatch twice after the last disaster, The yarn stayed true to size and softened a little. I hope to finish the shrug up this coming weekend, although it is too warm to wear it here.

Yard work has commenced. the lawn was mowed for the first time this year. There still is lots of clean up to do, especially in the back yard where the waterproofing was done.Some of the flowers my sister gave me are starting to come up. I have a lovely blue flower which she says is pulmonaria. I sent her a phone picture.Its in the lungwort family.

This month seems to be doctor month. Checkup time with the primary care doctor. Everything is great! He wishes all his patients were like me. I followed his advice to eat lots of fruits and vegetables and drink lots of water. I also have a hearing test scheduled and my eye doctor says its time for cataract surgery. I find out next week what that entails, although I've talked to enough people to not be worried..Next month I'll have to see the dentist about tooth cleaning. Then I'll be done with personal maintenance for a while.

The class I taught a week ago went well, but we finished in less than the time allotted. The handout was fairly good, but had a couple of typos in it. I got an e-mail about one of them yesterday. I did tell the students about my computer problems,

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