Monday, July 29, 2013

A Break From Knitting

I started this shrug in April I think. The plan is to finish the back, and then get back to knitting. I have a pair of socks started, need to do another pair, and get back to Christmas stockings. Why do we think that projects will be done almost overnight? I thought that I could work on this shrug for a day or so and finish the back. Two days later, I've worked from round 8 to round 17, out of 24. Of course, each round is longer. I don't like putting projects down for long, because of the time it takes to find your place and get back into the rhythm of the work. I'm there now and think I will give myself until Friday to finish the back. I will have to move on to the socks at that point, but finishing one piece is a good stopping place.

The yarn is, I believe, British. It's called Crevenna Wool from Tioga Yarns. Oops, the label says made in the USA. The yarn company does seem to have a Native American name, possibly from New York State. It's a fingering weight wool, with a crepe texture, that I bought at a house sale years ago. I had just enough of this color for the project. 

Home life
My life is being upset by the painting of the outside of my house. I put my dog in the kennel for the duration, but I miss her. She really doesn't need to be home when strange men are doing things to her house and I'm at work, so not at home to comfort her. I might have tried keeping her home if I were there. 

My daughter Jan fixed my computers and got the printer to work. My son stopped over this morning to retrieve the yoga DVD from the dead player. He was on his way to the motorcycle shop for a minor repair. I'm sure he had a laptop with him, so he could work while he waited. The advantages of a computer based career, sometimes he gets to work outside his office. What does he do? He's a computer geek for Cleveland Clinic, working in the Cadrdo-Pulmonary department. He has a PhD in Statistics. I'm really enjoying having adult children, especially when they have time to take care of me a little. 

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