Friday, March 21, 2014

If All Else Fails...

Read the instructions! This is especially frustrating when I wrote the instructions originally. This is not the first time this has happened. I've been working on duplicating a sweater that I designed last year. I get to keep this one. I have a the body and sleeves done, and am working on the front bands. Cast on 26 stitches (2 12 stitch cables and 2 edge stitches)

The stitch pattern starts on the wrong side. It is supposed to be a k1, p1 rib. It needs to end with 2 purl stitches in order to have the right side have knit stitches at both edges.

Try #1, I started with the 2 pulls stitches. Try #2, iz got it right, but worked the body pattern, which has the right side knit. Sorry the image is sideways.

The third time I got it right. The band is made of reversible cables. It will be sewn to the front and a zipper put in after the second band is done.

I have to knit about 24 inches for each band. That's not hard now that I am on the right track.

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