Sunday, July 20, 2008

Some finished knitting and a birthday

The brown ribbon sweater is complete. The beading was done over 3 days, but it's finished now. You can't see it in the small picture, but there are beads around the neck and sleeves. The Yarn is Lion Brand Incredible, the pattern is Tiffany's Night Out.

I've also finished my Tour de Sox project. Yarn: Opal, needles US #1/2.25mm, design my own. I have explained the symbolism on previous posts.

I started a new Tour de Sox jersey, red this time. It will be much simpler, so it can be finished by the end of the week. It looked like this earlier today, but has 4" of leg now. The yarn is Aussi Sock from Oasis yarns.

The July mystery socks are finished through clue 3. The next and final clue comes out tomorrow.
These socks are also Opal, knit on US #0/2.0mm. The July challenge was microgauge, 10 st/inchin stockinette. These socks achieve this. I'm thinking that I'll finish the red socks before doing the legs on these. The deadline for July socks is August 31. They must be cast on before the end of July. The deadline, as I see it, for the Tour de Sox is Sunday, the end of the tour.

Our youngest grandson has turned one year old! A party was held! Our daughter's DH has done a lot of work to their back yard since we were there last. They're on a cul-de-sac, so they have a small front yard and a large back yard. A playground is the newest addition. Some of the buildings were in the family for a long time, but the swing set is new. Resident children are 1, 3, & 5.

I made WB a fleece hoodie. It's huge now, but he'll grow fast. It has little monkeys on it. His siblings loved the ones I made for them and his mom said it was a good gift. DD the quilter made him a fish quilt. The scales on the quilt are 3 dimensional. She did not design this one.

We were told that DS would come to the party as a zombie. It seems he crashed on his bike Saturday morning.He doesn't look too bad, but much of the damage is covered by clothing. This time it was equipment failure. He wasn't even racing, just riding with friends. His riding shoes clip into his pedals and the pedal part of the set up failed. The foot didn't stay put, affecting balance, and man meets road! Many scrapes and bruises, but nothing serious. He'll need a new helmet, but better that than a new head. He'll also be getting new pedals on this bike. A gift certificate to a bike store will help. He has other bikes. I don't know if he has another helmet.


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Pavlov's Toybox said...

Ooo.. I really like the brown sweater. Very cool. And the party looks like fun. Sorry I missed it. By the way, I sent you and Dad a package today. Yours went out later than some I sent to the rest of the family because it took much longer to put together. You should get it by the end of the week.