Sunday, July 27, 2008

Tour de Sox finish

I finished my 2nd Tour de Sox sock pair. I named them red jersey. This was a legal color according to to moderator, as it used to be a jersey color. I was a little short on jersey colors in my stash. The pattern is a 2x2 rib with a twist and the pattern is offset every 18 rows. I was happy to finish a full repeat of the pattern when I reached the length for the toe.

My brown ribbon sweater was worn to work earlier in the week. I had been told that it might grow, but didn't see any evidence by the end of the day.

Today was our knitting guild picnic. One member has a very nice home with lots of room and a swimming pool. She's a little way out in the country, but not hard to get to. Here's part of the group knitting on the deck.

We're slowly getting rid of bedroom furniture moved to the garage prior to remodeling. Three beds have gone to be slept on by grandchildren. Two dressers are claimed. The walls are finished and new electrical outlets and lights are installed, but woodwork still needs to be replaced and we have a little list of minor problems to be fixed. DH has notes he will place on each area we're unhappy with. We finally have mini-blinds in out bedroom. I refused to buy them until the window trim got painted. I didn't like the bedroom fishbowl look, but the blinds weren't going to be put up until the painting was done. I've become a fan of just in time purchases after so many things bought ahead were never installed. We took down traverse rods from the windows and are throwing away 2 unopened boxes of new traverse rods. His mom may have given them to us.

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