Friday, February 19, 2010

Busy, busy

A Valentine's Day surprise came to my shop. Someone loves me!!!

I finished the secret socks and mailed them off to the yarn company. On to the next pair of secret socks. I don't know what they are going to do with them, but the checks I get are nice. All socks are color work of some sort. The recent ones are stranded.

My Olympics project was started during opening ceremonies. Here's the chart and the beginning of the leg, which is knit flat. All yarn is leftovers from other sock projects. The second picture shows stitches on hold for the heel. The finished socks will have a seam at the back leg. The solid color is used for the heel and the rest of the foot. I used decreases to connect the color work to the solid.

Two display feet came home with me yesterday. I was so happy! I tried a sock on a foot, and discovered that I seem to have bought male feet, useful, but not what I wanted. I'll try again. I do have a picture of one sock. I think it will show better if I show more of the side, which is lighter in color.

We celebrated some family birthdays last Sunday. The Magnificent Mittens have gone to their final home. Doesn't she look happy?

The party really was for two of our grandchildren. My sewing machine was put into use here. A few years ago, I made fleece hoodies for these two. They grew, as children do, and needed hoodie replacements. Fabric was purchased early while there was more selection of small prints suitable for small clothes rather than blankets. EB loves hearts, which I didn't realize, but that just made it better.

I was able to find baseballs for her brother. Baseball is one of his interests. Everyone is laughing because he has the shirt on backwards. Much covering of the face with the hood happened before everything was turned right.

Some of the older grandchildren were playing with musical instruments, a trumpet and small tuba. Son-in-law/Dad of EB and MB plays tuba.

Much Olympics is being watched. Recording programs makes for lots of choice, except when the recorder malfunctions. We missed most of the men's figure skating long program. Disappointing!

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