Friday, December 17, 2010

"Tis the knit before Christmas

The Advent socks are almost finished. I caught up yesterday, just in time for the last clue. They looked like this at the end of clue #1. The yarn is stuffed inside the leg. I gave up on two at a time after the heel. There was decreasing on the top of the foot and increasing on the bottom and it was too much trouble to move stitches. I had enough circulars to use two for each sock. I have really enjoyed the Advent calendar connected with the socks. Today's video was a Muppet clip about the Ghost of Christmas present, in German and English. I don't think you can lip read Muppets, so it worked very well in both languages. The voice sounded the same, singing the song.

Part of Christmas will be mittens for grandkids. In the process of organizing the third floor, I found a pair of mittens that I had test knit. They are purple with a pink design, perfect for a 6 yr old girl. Her older brother will get these mittens. Younger brother will get mittens with snow men on them. I have 1 1/2 mittens knit, so I'll probably embroider the snowmen tomorrow. All the mittens are worsted weight wool, my favorite mitten fiber.

Tonight we're going to hear Apollo's Fire play Handel's Messiah. That's my birthday present for this year. We've heard them before, and they are one of my customers.

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