Monday, May 23, 2011

Prom season is ending

Yesterday I wrote about rhinestones on dresses. This is one dress. It started with a few stones on the sides. The girl had taken all of the stones off the center. I had to replace them all to cover the glue marks. The small stones are stick on stones, which are easy to apply. I use a razor blade to peel the backing. The stones stick to the blade and are easy to place on the dress. I have no idea how well they stay put.

The dress is lying on a table. It also has rhinestones on the center of the ruffles at the top.

I like this dress better. It had no rhinestones on it to start with. It also needed extensive alterations for fit and style. It was strapless, but she wanted a low back. You can imagine what would happen if you leaned over and there were no straps. Luckily the dress came with optional straps. Most of these stones are the glue on kind. The edge is sewn on and starts at the center back. If you make the picture bigger, you may be able to see the small gold rhinestones.

Both dresses are short. That seems to be the fashion this year. I make a lot of money on prom dresses, but I'll be glad when things calm down again.

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