Sunday, June 5, 2011

Winding Up May

The last prom has been held. The orange dress had lots more rhinestones added to it. It wasn't hard, just time consuming. I can live without the glue covered fingers, however.

My last challenge was to shorten a dress from the middle. The skirt fit without hemming, but the top stood up from her shoulders. I took 3 1/2" out at the waist. I wasn't entirely happy with the fit, but it was a last minute job and had the advantage of lacing up the back.

We had our usual Memorial Day gathering at my daughter's house. It was warm enough for kids in the sprinkler, although the grass in back of the house was a swamp and we all sat on the driveway.

I finished another pair of socks, a mystery pair with beads strung on the yarn, a first for me. The design is called Artichoke.

I also finished a sweater that has been in the works since last August. The pattern was easy, so it was my go to project for when I needed mindless knitting. Once upon a time last summer, our guild had a scarf knit-along. I loved the yarn and there was lots left over, so i started a top down sweater, thinking that I could finish it with something else if the yarn ran out. I probably could knit a shawl with what's left now.

The pattern is fairly lacy, so I'll be wearing something under it. The picture tries to show the sheerness as well as the subtle colors. for a couple of hours, I had nothing on my needles except another fashionista scarf. From now until the September guild meeting, I'll be knitting scarves, although I've slowed down now. Total stands at 13 1/2 scarves.

This month';s sock challenge is DYO in one group and orange in another. Another option is stripes. Use self striping yarn, but pick a pattern that is not straight stripes, make them wave or do zigzags. I have a design for that too. I'm not sure my yarn qualifies for self striping, but will fit the DYO option. Photos later.

I've been working on the garden. All the annuals flowers are planted. Rain really slowed that job down. Every time I had the time. it rained. I also bought tomatoes and peppers in a number of varieties.

Remodeling continues. One bedroom is finished and another one needs to be emptied. DH decided that the guest be needed to be replaced, so we bought a bed frame. We'll keep the headboard. He also decided that it was time to replace the waterbed. The weight of it has caused damage to walls below it, and it will need to be moved for painting and electrical work. We bought a mattress to fit the frame. I'd really hate to give up the drawers under the bed. I'd have nowhere to put all my socks.

Remodeling daughter has given up sugar for the next month, so I'm having to get creative with the lunches I leave for her. Recently it's been salads, so I made dressing last week. I've found that I can use plain yogurt and sour cream as well as olive oil and wine vinegar. Mayo contains sugar, and I'm not ready to try making my own.

My favorite picnic salad is made from seedless watermelon, tomatoes, and fresh basil, dressed with olive oil and wine vinegar.

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