Thursday, June 16, 2011

New Sock Designs

I've finished another pair of socks and still need to write the pattern, although the charts are done which is the hardest part. The yarn is from Knit Picks and the Solid socks group color was orange. SKA had a write your own pattern challenge this month, so I did. They also have a self-striping challenge, but I don't seem to have any yarn that qualifies. I do tend to buy solids and semi-solids because I like texture.

I have some yarn that I thought would stripe, but the color lengths are too short. I'm working on a pattern for that one that would have worked with stripes. The hitch is that they are supposed to move up and down by in creases and decreases, rather than just be straight.

Last weekend was busy. On Saturday, I had to work, but SKA had a photo scavenger hunt. All photos had to have a sock in progress in the photo. This is the first year I've participated. I asked lots of friends to help me. A neighbor provided the child under 12 on a bicycle. He was supposed to hold the sock, but he'd only had the bike about 5 days and was busy. Another friend in uniform held the sock, but I didn't realize he should have been on his bicycle. There was a limit of 10 photos. I think I posted 9. Some of my best ideas didn't work, but there's always next year. I went to see a world famous politician, but his monument was closed about 1/2 hour before I got there. There were hundreds of non-knitters in the cemetery too, but I needed to be knitting in front of them. DH will be put to work on more photos next year.

Sunday I went to Columbus, OH for the TNNA trade show. My LYS owner drove, so I got a lot of knitting done. Talked to many people about designing and got a few good handouts. I also had Jeni's ice cream for lunch ( a must if I'm in the area)

I'm growing tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers in my garden this year as well as a few herbs and the usual flowers. Last year I tried tomatoes, but planted them under two trees. The area used to have lots of sunshine. I did get some tomatoes, but this year should be better.

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