Saturday, March 24, 2012

Sweater Fail

Once in a while, even experienced knitters don't think things through! A couple of years ago, I had a great idea. I had a sewing pattern that I was in love with. I had a great knit fabric idea. The problem is that i thought they went together. I didn't think through the fact that the sewing pattern was designed for soft drapey fabric. What I knit was not drapey.

I really went wrong when I added the edge pieces. While I wasn't entirely happy with the result, I wore it a bit. Then I lost weight, a lot of weight. I'm rethinking all my clothes, and being surprised how many of them are still wearable. This was not!

I still like the fabric, a three color seed stitch. I'm turning it into a fitted jacket, which is much more appropriate for the fabric. The yarn is dishcloth cotton. I see lots of ecru dishcloths in my future. At least I can give them as gifts. They will go with any kitchen.

Dis-assembly has started. It looked like this this morning. Missing from the photo is what used to be cuffs on the sleeves.  The second sleeve has turned into balls of yarn and the sweater back is above the armholes now.

The new sweater back is much smaller than the original. Part of the difference in in the intended fit of the garment, fitted rather than loose. Of course the number  of inches lost on my body also figures in.

I started this project because my other non-sock project was stuck. I had run out of yarn a few yards from the finish line. That's what I get for making the shawl a little bigger. When I got to the point where the pattern said I had used about half of the yarn, I was just into the second ball of three. New yarn was ordered. It's even the same dye lot. I ordered two more balls, so I can knit socks or something out of the rest of it. It didn't come into my house alone though. enough yarn for three more pairs of socks joined the crowd. I'm trying a couple of new things and I fell for the free shipping hook.

The shawl is called Haruni. The yarn is Mini Mochi from Crystal Palace. It was not a hard knit and I love the edging. It seems like it took a million pins to block it. I have flexible blocking wires on the top edge. I should be able to wear it tomorrow to a Sivia Harding lace class that my guild is holding.

I guess I'd better figure out what to wear with it and then get myself to bed.

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