Thursday, March 29, 2012

That Sweater Again

Last night, I finished the back of the sweater. Celebration time! During the night, I wondered if the shoulders fit. Measure shoulders, stick out lower lip and pout. They were two inches too wide. There is no sense in leaving them too large, as this time the sweater is supposed to fit me instead of being over-sized.

I have re-figured the sweater body with new numbers for the armhole decreases and the neck shaping. Double checked that all adds up to the number of stitches actually on the needles. dis-assembled the sweater down to the armholes and started again. There were a couple of problems in the last iteration that I was ignoring. They are now gone and will not reappear. All the yarn from both sleeves of the original version is in this photo.

In the meantime, I must finish a birthday gift for a Monday birthday. I also have to finish putting together my tax info and get it to my accountant. Update - done!

At the yarn store knit-in, I got the sock done to the toe. There is a good chance of finishing tonight.

The weather is cold again here in NE Ohio, but I stopped at the garden center to see what they had. Most hings will be in for planting in late April. they have pansies now. I may get some next week if I can clean out where they go. I'm also thinking about a Hydrangea bush for the back yard. I saw bright pink and bright blue today. The ones in the front yard are pale green. today's task was to remove volunteer day lilies from the front lawn. It feels good to play in the dirt!

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