Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sweater memories

Have you ever knit memories into something? Some times it's intentional and sometimes not. I have a sweater that reminds me of a trip I took. The layover between planes was longer than expected because of fog in San Francisco. The plane didn't leave Texas because it couldn't land in California. Someone asked if I was going to finish the sweater before the plane took off. As it turned out I did finish it.

I have another sweater finished on a Kentucky Derby weekend. I was so glad to have the sweater as it snowed in Kentucky that year, unexpected in early May.

The current sweater has memories of a book I have been reading, Gone With The Wind. I bought the book over 50 years ago, and it seems I never read it. I certainly don't remember a bit of the story. What I did remember must have been movie related, but I never saw the movie either. I just saw the publicity for it.

Knitting was fast and furious yesterday.. It was a slow day at work and I knit instead of sewing. Can't do that often! We have a sweater body and it fits me. Sleeves are started, but not much progress due to other activities. I'm hoping that the sleeves go smoothly. I measured the underarm length while wearing the body of the sweater. As often happens with sewing patterns, I had to shorten the sleeves 1".

Tomorrow, I will take photos of the original sewing patterns for both sweaters I've tried to use for this yarn.

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