Tuesday, April 24, 2012

There is Joy

This is the sewing pattern I started with this time. I couldn't find the pattern for what I tore apart. I'm making the pink jacket on the left, but knit instead of sewn.

I frogged about half of the first sleeve after sewing it in and finding it too wide and too long. It now fits and is back in the jacket. The second sleeve is well started and I should finish it in the next week.

I'm so tired of the lack of progress on this project, but I'm too stubborn and too much a perfectionist to let it go, It either is going to fit or it is going in the trash. Luckily it seems it is \going to fit..I have enough sweaters that don't fit because of the weight loss. I haven't found them all, but most of the summer sweaters are suspect. It will take a few years to get everything reworked or replaced.

My kitchen is coming together. The walls and cabinets are painted and the doors are almost done. Some of then are hung, but there are still a few problems . Almost everything I am keeping is back in the cabinets. At least I can use the kitchen now. It should be finished in a few days. I really need to cook up a few pots of something for the freezer.

Back to the sweater knitting. I need to finish.

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