Friday, November 30, 2012

The Learning Curve

I'm still learning what the iPhone app can do for this blog. It's great that it is with me at almost all times, so when I think of something, I can just write a paragraph. I can take phone pictures and insert them. They come out bigger than what I was using and I cannot resize them, not so good. I cannot add links from the phone, but if I work on the PC, I can add the links later. I did that with the Tomato Tart yesterday.

Last night, I finished the last of this year's Christmas stockings. I knit a total of 7, 5 for a customer, and 2 for the family. These 2 are #29 and #30 in the series. It doesn't seem like the family is that large, but we never see everyone at once. Ryan is my granddaughter's husband, First you have 2 kids together, then you get married. I should have done this one last year. Cyrus is my newest great grandson.

Thinking about creativity, I'm sitting here wearing clothes that I made: a wool lined skirt, a blouse and a lace shawl. Waiting in the kitchen for consumption later today is a pumpkin scone, a tomato tart, Asiago cheese bread, pumpkin cookies, and baked oatmeal. The scone is for breakfast with eggs. The tart, bread and cookies are for lunch at work, and the oatmeal is for a late after noon snack. The breads and oatmeal came from the freezer and were made within the last month. The freezer is my friend now that I live alone. I'm thinking of making split pea soup this weekend.

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