Thursday, November 29, 2012

Trying the iPhone

Tonight is knitting night at the Bottle House. I'm looking forward to trying one of their Christmas brews if there is any left. They only make a limited quantity of each. Other beers are made in larger quantities.

I finally have a picture of my blue sweater. It seems longer than planned, but I haven't tried it on. I planned for it to hit at my high hip, but it seems to be a full length cardigan.The dress form is petite, so it's not that long. I may shorten it after I see how long the sleeves will be.

I was abler to taste the Balthazar's Gift beer. It seems to have some spices in it. I also had a glass of oatmeal ale. I tasted brown sugar in that one. Not many knitters, but a good night at the brewery.

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