Wednesday, February 13, 2008

C is for...,

In the ABC Along, C is for cardigan. This is one I designed for south West Trading Company. Main color is Karaoke, accented with Fur Real. It is worked sideways with modified drop shoulders.

My teaching trip to Pittsburgh went very well. I had fun. I bought a little at market. I also connected with a yarn company that I have designed for previously. Finally got to meet the real person. I will be designing some items for the TNNA show in June. He wants to use sock yarn for garments.

I did have some trouble getting home. It was very windy. Luckily, I was driving Sunday afternoon, not at night, but the weather alternated between fog with wispy snow and sun glare. The drive was more tiring than I expected.

At work on Friday, before I left, I got to install a new phone. I had a very basic wall phone which quit ringing so that I could hear it. I bought the replacement at Target for $5.99. I'm sure it won't last 20 years like the first one, and I don't like the sound of the ring, but it works. I was able to use the same wall plate to mount it on, so that's good.

I also got to repair my iron. I have an industrial iron with a bottle like an IV. This is what it looks like now. The valve between the bottle and the tubing broke off when I went to fill the bottle. This left a hole in the bottom of the bottle. You know what water will do then!

I called my repair guy, determined that he had a replacement bottle and would be in his shop. Then I called DH and asked him to go get it. It's great to have a retired guy to run errands for you. I was back in business in an hour or so. I've tried to show a close up of the connection. There is a blue resin filter in the bottom of the bottle. When it turns brown it needs replacing. This keeps the inside of the iron clean.

Ive also been knitting on my Ethnic Knits sweater. I had to do the top peerie pattern 3 times, because I hadn't figured correctly to center the yoke pattern and the peerie pattern was coordinated with it. I had the diamond points centered on the zigzags. I've got it now and and working on row 12 out of 30 which will be repeated, so 60 rows and more of the peerie. It goes faster at this point because I'm anxious to see what it will look like. It now measures 16".

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