Thursday, February 7, 2008

How to Make a Silk Purse...

...out of a sow's ear. One of the challenges of a dressmaker is to finish work a customer has started and had problems with. I did a fairly good job with a sweater this week. My elderly lady might have planned to hem the bottom, but with bulky yarn, I'm glad she let it roll. She asked me to sew grosgrain ribbon to the front edges of the sweater, which had no front bands on it. I suggested bands, since she also wanted buttons and buttonholes.

The top of the sweater is a real mess. She used worsted weight yarn for this and pulled her strands too tight. She loves it and I kept my mouth shut. The colors do work well together, and the sage green worsted yarn is a very close match for the bulky. It does affect how the bands lie in places. I used the 2x2 ribbing from the neck and sleeve cuffs and the roll from the bottom for a quite nice band. The buttonholes are yo, p2tog because of which side they were worked on. The buttons are large enough to hold securely.

She bound off all the ribbing from the wrong side, using knit stitches. This now matches the purl side of the rolled edges. We won't discuss holes where she accidently made a yo and picked up a stitch in it next row, leaving a hole, or the knots on the back and the ends too short to weave in. She didn't ask me to fix those. She didn't want to pay me.

My Norwegian sweater is about at the armholes. It's 13" from the hem, but will grow tonight at the LYS knit in tonight. I'm working to 14" before starting the yoke patterns. There is no armhole shaping on this one. Just an armhole steek. I checked my Olympic sweater which is made the same way, and the top of the sleeve is 10" wide, so that's the measurement I'm aiming for. I have plotted my sleeve measurements, stitch counts and decreases. I charted my yoke pattern and figured the small peerie pattern I'll use above and below it. I'm going to try to steek the neck opening. I've figured what I need and where for the neck opening.

I'm off to Pittsburgh tomorrow (Friday) night. I'm teaching at the Pittsburgh Knit & Crochet Festival Saturday morning and Sunday morning. Cables on Saturday and Fair Isle on Sunday. At the market, I'll be looking for circular needles in 2.5 mm. The ones I'm using for the Norwegian cardigan are 100 cm long. I'd like some shorter ones. I'm also looking for fingering weight wool to coordinate with the dark green of that sweater. I'll have quite a bit left over and may make a pullover.

I'll have dinner with DH before I go. We're having warmed up roast beef au jus, with potato etc. Saturday night he has hockey tickets and will go with our son. Dinner at the game. The Dallas cheerleaders are performing at both intermissions. Sunday night I'll be home again.

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