Sunday, February 3, 2008

Life Moves On

At work, I've been sewing some things I can show. I made a customer a wool long (to the ankles) dress. She loves it. The dress form does tilt a little bit.

I've also finished making 20 tops for a local high school show choir. They'll wear them with dark jeans. The black band at the bottom will cover the jeans waistband so that they don't need matching belts. These kids sing and dance!

My main knitting project is a Norwegian sweater inspired by a new book Ethnic Knits.

There is a knit along, yahoo list and blog connected with
this. You start with a headband as your swatch, because you are knitting stranded colorwork in the round and this way you test the pattern, swatch, and end up with something useful. I just swatched, because I have done a fair amount of stranded knitting and didn't know who to gift a headband to.

The sweater main color is fingering wool from Candide acquired in a guild swap. The blue is the same yarn left from another project. The celadon is fingering weight merino from a local yarn store. I didn't have much choice of fingering weight wool that wasn't sock yarn. I guess the internet will be my friend for the next time.

You can see 6 stitches (of 351) that will be steeked of cut to make this a cardigan. I'll certainly try a different arrangement for the next progress picture. It does show off the neatness of the sweater inside well. The dotted pattern is called "lice", which means lights. I think of it as stars in the sky. It's simple 4 stitch, 8 row repeat. I'm making good progress at almost 9" but need 14" or more before I start the yoke pattern.

For those of you who want a better view of the little black dog in last post. Check out the Quilted Pleasures post in the sidebar. DD has better pictures and also the Woolrich coats and hats she bought at Target for both of her small boys.

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