Sunday, December 28, 2008

A wonderful bag

One of my best gifts this year was from quilting daughter Julie. She made me a medium size knitting bag. The bottom is about 11x4" and 9" high. The inside has lots of pockets.

She also made one for her sister to use as a lunch bag. We are supposed to get hard bottoms for the bags, but the supplies didn't reach Julie in time.

If you would like a similar bag, contact Julie at for more information.

I've started the second birthday sock. Here's the lace cuff.

I'm having a rather lazy week. My shop is closed and I'm going in occasionally to do specific projects. Lots of knitting time. I've kitted up my next two projects. I have to finish the pattern for the sock. I didn't write the toe part.

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Bo... said...

I love that bag! (Wish I had a kid who could make me stuff!)