Sunday, February 1, 2009

Finishing problems

Today it warmed up a little, about 30 degrees. It'll go back to normal tomorrow.

I'm facing a bit of a project crisis. I finished a pair of socks and almost finished a baby sweater. What should I knit next??? I have a pair of socks in the pipeline, the baby sweater will be replaced by a stealth project, but I'll finish up my Noro cardigan on Thursday. What goes in that slot? I'm thinking that I'll do sweaters for my smaller grand kids. If I do them now, I'll be ready for Christmas. I was originally thinking birthdays, but we're celebrating 2 of them this week. The 3rd birthday is in July. Knit for Christmas sounds good, and a larger needle project is a good thing. I have yarn, I have ideas, I have patterns, it's hard to make choices.The shawl project pattern is written. Photos were taken. Where do you take shawl photos with 12-14" of snow on the ground and piled up everywhere that has been dug out. Ann Hanson of Knitspot showed a shawl on a dress form. I have a number of those. I hung up some black fabric for a backdrop and good pictures were taken. Today we went to Cleveland's city greenhouse for live photos. I should have brought a stylist to make sure that the shawl wasn't folded funny. I couldn't see behind myself. DH took the photos.

I finished some birthday socks. The pattern is from KnitNet, Onion Domes. The yarn is Bernat Hot Socks. It was cheap, but I wouldn't buy it again.

I'm knitting a baby sweater for a great grand child. I have the pattern first draft written finally. I first knit this pattern almost 2 years ago. I need to work on the schematic and add sizes to the pattern. I'd like to sell the pattern, so the picture from last post will have to do. I still have 1/2 sleeve to knit. I might finish tonight. I'm going to knit it one more time in case I need a garment to go with the pattern. It's good to have baby things on the shelf when needed.

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